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Public Speaking Long Test HS

Okay, so instructions are to fit the following words in sentences:

Putrid - He uses very deep words, like putrid, for such a shallow person.

Opulent - I was able to understand what the word opulent means.

Qualm - I looked up in the dictionary the word qualm.

Inane - I have no idea, whatsover what the word inane means.

Quash - Is there such a word as quash?

Vulgar - “Does anybody know what a vulgar means?” said the teacher.

Profundity - The student answered him what profundity means.

Preface - The ill-mannered boy shouted to the teacher the meaning of the word preface.

Defame - The boy said he was defamed, although he doesn’t know what that means.

Quixotic - The word quixotic is not in my dictionary.

-haha, I can’t believe I made this answers.. no wait, yes I can.. XD and what my teacher has to say? “Don’t be clever, use the words in sentences!”… I wanna post a pic of it here, but I doubt someone will understand my handwriting.. XD


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